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Lemon Meringue Tart

This recipe was a twist of fate…well actually it was me changing my mind mid-recipe because I realized that I had to make something else. The reason? My mom’s birthday was last weekend and I felt the need to express my love through a thoughtful baked gift. However, because of the super ridiculous diet she is following she basically can’t eat anything: BUT she could eat lemon meringue tarts (not the crust of course and only with fake sugar replacing the real…yes I know: ridiculous). 

So, I took the crust recipe from Tartelette (whose blog is gorgeous) and the filling and meringue recipes from Alton Brown (the scientific food-geek of my dreams) and set to work.

Seriously, the most exciting part of this whole experience was that I FINALLY got to whip out my mini-tart pans. Yay, so cute! I’ve got a confession though: the crust was seriously sub-par. I’m not sure how to describe the texture, but it was almost….chewy? Needless to say it was not delicious. Sadly, I believe that though Tartelette’s blog is fantastically pleasing to the eye, the resulting food is not as pleasing to the palate. This revelation is such a bummer because there were so many different recipes I wanted to try, but after having failed results from multiple of her recipes I think I’m done. 

On the other hand, the filling was delish!! It was really strange to make because one second I was stirring liquid and then the next thing I knew it was thick, shiny, and jellyish. There was the perfect amount of lemon (though this may be totally personal because I adore the tartness of lemon juice). The meringue whipped up beautifully. It was perfectly glossy. 

The end result was undeniably adorable. The meringue was golden brown and the filling was nice and creamy. Still not a fan of the crust, but these definitely earn a 10 for appearance. Ultimately, my mom was a fan and that was goal of the endeavor! 

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